Tournament NDPL III - Finals [Won by Galarian Phoenix]

Gz to all the team for winning and having a super fun tour. We started not that good but we have flied high like our beloved Phoenix. Special congrats to Roginald and devin for your amazing run and pichus for your fantastic playoffs.

Special mentions to gorex because he is always vibing, tlenit for rolling with me again, and Ryuji astralydia for picking me. Ryuji did an amazing job as a coach/manager and built like crazy. They deserved this and even more.

no lie ryuji, i don’t like you for not letting me rfn my opps(even tho i still did kek)just kidding btw. Anyways was a fun tour and loved my team mates. Y’all are the goats and this was well deserved. Good job to my managers ryuji and astral, and thank you for trusting in me to play a bo3 in tiers i have never touched in my life. Until next time, peace out and ggs
:heart:At work atm.. ggs to the Phoenix, you guys got the better of us in the end and I'm unable to be a sore loser despite being upset. I also like to give credit where it's due, so shout outs to pichus and Roginald for taking games off slots that I believe we were favored in. I'm not going to do any personal shout outs because I know most of you, but I just want to thank Attribute for helping us out when he didn't have to, and lotiasite Farce Of The Death for being a really dynamic team in terms of prep, and Beraldinho for being a solid pick despite not knowing you months ago. It's not under looked and very appreciated guys.

There's some negative stuff I wanted to say about how management was in my team but I understand that some things are better left unsaid. I will say this though: anyone who believes I've been carried in any ND teamtour is a complete idiot. This is the 2nd time in a row where I basically did everything alone as a manager with my help only coming in playoffs. It's annoying and frustrating to hear cause I really work my ass in tiers I like and having people take credit isn't good to hear, especially having to qualify for an individual at the same time this year.

To the community, been nothing but good to me no bad things to say, try gen 9 OU and play some officials some of you can make a name for yourselfs for sure.

Team dump coming later, once again thanks for having me.


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I gotta say this was a loooooooong way, especially for me as a manager after what happened in NDWC finals. After that even I wasnt confident w my skills as a player and as a builder, so I choosed to be only a support and focus on everyone, although after NDWC I said i wldn't do so another time because it's exhausting mentally. And i'm really happy all the effort I put into that tour paid off.
I'm really, really happy winning this tour, it means a lot to me winning it considering how went the first NDPL I got drafted in. But enough talks abt me, it's time for shorts personnal shoutouts.

astralydia thanks for agreeing to managing with me waaayyyyyy prior the tour even started (think we agreed in late may). You were a good co-manager although you weren't as active as I was, always there to argue w me. I liked the experience of talking to someone that has very very different takes on what's good and what's bad than me. I really enjoyed the time we spent managing, the conversations we had and all.

devin I do not like you too for always rfn when you don't even have proper teams (jk). From the beginning I knew i wld have to put my money on you, and I don't even regret it (outside of when you tryna flex or when you missclick). You were there, always bringing a win early week to gave us a confidence boost for the rest, and you're prob the only player i cld trust playing that early w my eyes close. I really hope we will be able to mate for another tour.

gorex first, you're fat. second, you're ugly. third, you're annoying. and last, I really enjoyed matting w you for the most part of it, you did great early season but the end wasn't really for you so that's kinda sad, but you carried us in the early when the confidence wasn't that strong. So big thanks for that man.

Roginald I couldn't interact as much with you as i wanted to, but you're a real goat. We got you for practically nothing and you pulled out one of the best record of the tour. You really carried us, securing important wins when the time was needed, very serious for prep, in short, a real good player. I wish you the best in your pokecarrier.

pichus i gotta say, i had no clue of who you were before the tour cuz i know shit abt AG Playerbase :paz:, but well i do not regret buying you nor trusting you. You did insanely great in a rock-paper-scissors tier, almost on your own during regular season cuz AG is the only slot i cannot provide a solid support (because i hate this tier yk). I really hope we can mate again, I had a great time.

Jordy prob the most unexpected collab of all time, but I was down for trying it, and I was right, although you didn't played as much as u wanted to for various reasons. I liked building and preping w you, you have a unique vision of the tier, and you're prob the only person that kept his sanity while spamming the ladder with 10,000 games every day. I had a fun time, although really unexpected.

clean this is prob the saddest thing ever LOL. I guess you really are a gen7ou and a z move hater ain't ya ? I was expecting you to do really great and well... you didn't really. I hope you have a better understanding of the tier now (because of how much hours/works i did to ensure you would please say yes), and i'm happy w the way you played at the end, you really showed us your best day after a darker time, and i'm not even sad abt the final loss cuz you played your absolute best until the end even when it was doomed. I really hope the next time you try the tier (if you ever try it another time) it will go better.

tlenit stall overlord approaching. Nah i gotta say, rough start and then you carried us so hard. The trust and faith you put in me doing your shit was really good to see, i had a great time building for someone that actually ask stuff abt what i do and that agrees to the weirdest possible stuff, including giving mega beedrill and vanilluxe Ws. wish you the best for the next, you're a goat man.

Lameflame honestly i didn't knew what to expect from you, at first, cuz your recent performances weren't as great as they were at your prime, not mentionning i'm p sure you stated prior the tour you quitted the tier, but i'm glad i trusted you, you grabbed importants wins when it was needed, and were helping when you could. You were a really good mate, i don't know if you're gonna stick around for gen 9 but if you do i'll be happy to mate/building/test w you.

Mirbro you were a really great chat member, always nice, always there to support and giving good advices. You're a fire person man, really enjoying having you as a mate, and ik i could let my mind do whatever shit i wanted in uu cuz you wld be there to slow me down and make it more safier.

Jordy004 you didn't got a shot and weren't v active at first, but you brought some life in the chat, esp when the end was closer.

spoo gotta say i laughed so much making jokes and fun of you for not clicking protect with celesteela :skull:
outside of that you seem like a r nice person, really enjoyed prepping the only week you played, even if again you throwed.

Clone sorry I didnt let you have another try after the first two week, can't really say more, as u looked motivated for this.

Will thanks for the help in POs man, you're goated

mushamu also thanks for the help, you're a great friend of mine and I really enjoyed all the help you provided in semi.
Dlanyer mon plus grand regret du tournoi et de loin. Je voulais vraiment te laisser une chance et au final ça n'a pas pu se faire pour pleins de raisons mais ça reste impardonnable, j'espère que tu ne m'en veux pas trop de ne pas t'avoir pu laisser jouer. T'es malgré tout resté actif quand tu pouvais, t'as bien support et pour ça je peux que te remercier. Ton premier teamtour sur smogon se conclue par une win, j'espère que tu pourras accrocher d'autres rubans sur ton hall of fame tout en ramenant des wins à ta team.

Clementine t'es sus mec
bon sinon deux fois on mate deux fois on gagne moi j'y vois un signe je sais pas ce que t'en penses, t'es un de mes premiers vrais poképote, et j'suis heureux d'avoir gagné ce tour avec toi. T'es un mec incroyable quand tu prends pas la tête avec "insérez mon pas viable" et lana. J'te souhaite le meilleur IRL, et j'espère que tu traineras encore un peu sur le jeu en 2023 (j'ai besoin d'une cible à voter t1...)

Cielau bon
c'est vraiment terrible que t'ai pas eu de succès durant ce tournoi, la poule était assez relevé et j'avais énormément d'attentes. Après je suis pas déçu, parce que la qualité des games sur la fin était meilleure qu'au début, et je peux que être heureux de voir que t'as progressé vu que t'es un peu mon tutee quelque part. Cette année 2022 aura vraiment été pour nous, j'espère qu'on continuera sur la lancée et qu'on défoncera tout en 2023. J'ai pas besoin d'en dire plus on se sait mec.

I had a blast managing the phoenix, all of you are goats and I enjoyed this 10 weeks w you a lot. I really don't know if i'll invest myself as much as I did this year in SV tho. On a more personnal note, I want to thank Daruma adem Fathiryxi Micciu weakermaker Sciroccoo Inder ProDigeZz Astrø and Cherbou (I hope i dont forget anyone) for just being friends and supporting me, even when i rant about smth random. You guys are great and I really like the time i spent w you.
huge ggs to all teams, and thanks Theia Dorron Kris for the amazing hosting job
I did not even know that tour was still going on LOL gz phoenix goons !!!!

Congrats frérot Ryuji, j'passe ma vie à te vanner mais premier degré jsuis tellement content d'apprendre ça, tu t'es buté au ND toute la gen pour finir sur ça, c'est le meilleur cadeau que tu pouvais avoir pour finir, quel monstre.
J'ai absolument rien suivi du tour ngl mais encore une fois toutes mes félicitations, t'es le boss et jte souhaite la bienvenue au hall of fame, tu l'as enfin eu ta putain de consécration.


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